Posted on Apr 29, 2020

Golf courses across the UK have been closed now for over a month in line with lockdown restrictions, leaving the industry asking how they can safely re-open again and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The Chair of the British Golf Industry Association (BGIA), Martin Wild, says: “Following discussions between all the governing bodies, I’m pleased to report that a proposal document, approved by the R&A, has this morning been submitted to the UK Government.

“I would particularly like to thank the PGA, TGI and Foremost for their efforts in pulling together this extensive proposal; it is of course their members who will be at the ‘frontline’ when golf courses re-open and great emphasis has been focussed on golf returning safely.

“Additionally, I would like to thank the R&A for their expertise and support, together with BIGGA, GCMA and UK Golf Federation in ensuring a unified commitment to the safety of all golfers.

“It is hoped that there will be a swift decision and that Government will provide us with a date for re-opening golf courses soon.” says Martin.  “A document has been produced with operational guidance for professional staff engaged in the management of golf courses, clubs and driving ranges and will be continually reviewed as social distancing measures are updated.

“It will be essential that golf re-opens in a responsible and safe way and that official advice and policy are always adhered to and we look forward to the Government’s response.”

You can view the full document [here]


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