“The BGIA brings together the combined scale and reach of our members. As a non-profit body, it is the united voice of the golf industry, with an enormous collective audience. Together, BGIA brand ambassadors provide an extended reach to tens of millions of followers, strengthening our voice and influence within the industry.”

Graeme Wigham, UK&I Regional Sales Manager

“The BGIA Golf Day is a special event and a ‘must’ in the golfing calendar. It’s a fantastic networking event for the whole industry and an ideal chance to meet with like minded professionals. It gives us a unique opportunity to discuss the future of the game and enjoy a friendly round of golf.”

Conor Dillon, Regional Manager EMEA, Eaton Golf Pride

“We make regular use of the BGIA website. The members’ area provides me with essential support for my business including access to industry statistics, research, legislative news, lobbying activities and a raft of other resources. It’s one of my first ports-of-call when I need the latest golf industry information or support.”

Lee Farrar, Head of Golf, Wilson Golf

“I would like to thank the BGIA for taking the lead on behalf of the industry and also give credit to all golf’s governing bodies for coming together. The industry acted quickly and decisively for a speedy and safe return to golf during the pandemic, opening the door toa bright new future for the game and securing many jobs along the way.”

David Silvers, Managing Director, TMaG EMEA

“The BGIA has provided us with a wide range of networking, business benefits and events that meet the needs of our organisation. The offer has evolved significantly over the past 12 months and provided the members with a collective voice within the industry during challenging times as well as a platform for proactive endeavours to support the future of the game.”

Matthew Johnson, General Manager, Acushnet Europe

“We benefit greatly from the fact that the BGIA is part of something bigger. The BGIA works together with the other sports and play associations that make up the FSPA family, to discover new opportunities and share best practice.

This community provides us with a vast array of partners and specialist services. There are many group benefits, industry events and lobbying activities that we can get involved with or learn from. The support received from the FSPA is very much appreciated.”

Andrew Law, Managing Director, EMEA, Adidas GOLF

“The part the BGIA played in campaigning for the safe return of golf during the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be underestimated. The BGIA were key, resulting in a massive boost for the game and BGIA members. Representing the whole golf industry, the BGIA empowers members to contribute to industry discussions, confident in the knowledge that the BGIA is an influential member of the APPG for Golf.”

Paul Hitchenor, TMaG Europe Brand Director