Background Information

The British Golf Industry Association is a group operating under the auspices of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations Limited and, as such, is bound by the Federation’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.


The office of the British Golf Industry Association shall be that of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations. The association may have other offices that may from time to time be designated by the Executive Committee.

Mission Statement

We represent our members by promoting participation and excellence across all areas of the sport of golf.

Positioning Statement

We represent UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services and provide a united voice for all members, whether large or small. We campaign for sustained growth in value and participation across the sport and supporting industry.


  • Delivering a comprehensive range of benefits and services to membership through campaigning, lobbying and presenting a united golf industry voice for all members, whether large or small.
  • Supporting and championing growth and participation in the sport of golf.
  • Encouraging the development and delivery of excellent quality, authentic goods and services.
  • Providing members, press and external audiences with valuable data and industry insight, supported by a considered BGIA opinion on what this means.

Supporting Values

  • Passion – we believe that our passion for the sport of golf, as well as the values that underpin it sit at the heart of everything we deliver as an association.
  • A united voice – we provide a common voice for all members, whether large or small, ensuring that everything we say is based on experience and one clear, industry message.
  • Good practice – we believe in fairness, authenticity and the delivery of excellence in all areas of the sport of golf.
  • Growth – we support and champion growth across all aspects of the sport of golf.
  • Benefit – we believe in the benefits that come from a successful industry and increased participation in the sport of golf.
  • Challenge – we’re prepared to challenge and lobby for change in pursuit of a united golf industry.

Eligibility for Membership

In order to be eligible for Full Membership a company must be substantially engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and/or distribution of golf products to the trade.

Companies related to the golf industry that are not directly engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and/or distribution of golf products to the trade may apply for Associate Membership.  Associate Membership is subject to the rights and obligations governing any membership and includes the right to attend General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting, receive communications and benefit from other membership services.  Associate Members do not have the right to vote at General Meetings.

Membership Applications

Applications for both Full and Associate Membership shall be submitted on the forms determined by the Association, to include ‘sponsor approval’ from two current members.  Applications shall be submitted by the Executive Secretary to the first Executive Meeting following the date of application.  Election to membership shall be by ordinary resolution or, if requested by any one member present, by secret ballot.  The Association reserves the right to reject any application without stating its reasons.

Office Holders

There shall be a permanent Executive Board of no less than seven, no more than fourteen, including the Chair and Vice Chair.  The members of the Executive Board shall be elected for one year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The members of the Executive Board shall elect a Chair and Vice Chair from among their membership.  Their term of office shall be determined by the Executive Board.


The Chair shall preside at meetings of the Association and shall have the right to vote.  They shall do all in their power to promote the well-being of the Association and shall perform such duties in their capacity as Chair as directed by the Executive Board.

From April 2017 the Chair may be independent from any other company operating within the golf industry and may be paid by the BGIA for their work at an amount and time allocation agreed by the BGIA Executive Board.

The Chair of the Association shall act as the Association’s representative whenever the occasion requires and when representing its opinion on any subject it shall be their duty to do so in a fair and balanced manner.

Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chair the Vice Chair shall act as Chair.  In the absence of both Chair and Vice Chair the members present at the meeting shall have the power to elect a temporary Chair to conduct the business of the meeting.

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary shall be a member of the staff of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations and they will be responsible to the Association through that organisation.

Resignation of Office Holders

Any office holder may vacate their office by tendering his/her resignation in writing to the Executive Secretary.

Removal of Office Holders

An office holder may be removed from office immediately on the passing of an appropriate special resolution.

Temporary Office Holders

Any member may, by a show of hands, be elected without notice to occupy an office temporarily pending the next Annual General Meeting.  Members may also be co-opted onto any committee where their expertise is of assistance to that committee.

Voting Rights

At any General Meeting each member company shall have one vote.  Whilst more than one representative of a member company may attend a meeting voting is restricted to one vote per member company.  Associate Members may attend General Meetings but are not entitled to vote.

Nominations for office holders must be received by the Executive Secretary on the appropriate forms on or before the due date notified.

A member company may appoint a proxy (who must also be a member) to attend and vote on its behalf at an Annual General Meeting.  Proxy nominations must be received in writing by the Executive Secretary 72 hours before the AGM.

Disciplinary Procedure

If a Member alleges that a Member is in breach of this Constitution or a customer complains about a Member, they shall refer the matter in writing to the Manager of the Association who shall conduct a preliminary investigation and report to the Chair.
The Chair will determine the need for, and if necessary appoint, either a Mediation Panel or the appointed representatives of three members as a Disciplinary Panel.

The Mediation or Disciplinary Panel shall give both the complainant and the Member complained of a proper opportunity to put their case, and shall determine whether to invite submissions in person or in writing, dependent on its view of the seriousness of the issues concerned.  The Mediation or Disciplinary Panel shall deal with the matter in a timely fashion and shall notify the parties concerned in writing of their decision as to whether the Member has acted in breach of its obligations under the BGIA Constitution or the Code of Practice.

If such a breach is found, the Panel shall determine the extent of the disciplinary action to be taken against the Member, which may include suspension or expulsion from membership in case of serious breach.  Expulsion from the BGIA automatically means expulsion from the FSPA.


A General Meeting shall be one to which all members are invited.  21 days notice shall be given of an Annual General Meeting.  All items discussed at meetings, Minutes and other papers circulated in connection with meetings are private and confidential and it is a condition of membership that these matters are not divulged to non-members.


A quorum shall consist of representatives from five member companies.  If at any meeting a quorum is not present the meeting may be dissolved by those present.


The Association in General Meeting shall have the power to appoint Committees charged with such duties as the Association may decide.

Terms of Association

Membership of the Association may be terminated by voluntary withdrawal.  However, a resigning company will be liable for the fees for the current fiscal year.  Membership may also be terminated if a company no longer fulfills the criteria for membership or fails to make the appropriate subscription payment.

The use of Association information and surveys must be used solely by the member company; the passing on of information to third parties is strictly forbidden.


The annual subscription for member companies shall be determined by the Federation of Sports & Play Associations (FSPA).

Alteration of Rules

The Executive Committee may revoke, alter or add to any part of this Constitution by ordinary resolution at an Executive Board Meeting.