Our Vision – To unite and inspire everyone involved with UK Golf

The British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) is the lead trade body representing UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services. Established in 1919, the BGIA operates under the umbrella of the Federation of Sports and Play Associations (FSPA), the national trade body representing the UK’s sports and play industries.

Our Mission – A United Voice

We are the voice of the golf industry and we support our members with a wide range of business benefits and services. It is our mission to grow participation by providing a powerful lobbying voice by promoting our collective strengths.

Our Strategies

  • To encourage growth initiatives and drive participation in golf
  • To raise our profile with other key stakeholders, leverage our combined strengths and build the BGIA’s collective proposition
  • To deliver a comprehensive range of accessible benefits and services by sharing best practice, driving collaboration and hosting networking events and seminars
  • To provide members and external audiences with effective communications, unique content, valuable data and industry insight
  • To promote a culture of ethical, fair practice across the industry

Our Values

  • Passion – we believe that our passion for golf, as well as the values that underpin it sit at the heart of everything we deliver as an association
  • A united voice – we provide a common voice for all members, whether large or small, ensuring that everything we say is based on experience and one clear, industry message
  • Ethical practice – we believe in fairness, authenticity and the delivery of excellence in all areas
  • Growth – we support and champion growth across all aspects of golf
  • Social Change – we believe in the benefits that come from a successful industry and increased participation in golf
  • Challenge – we’re prepared to challenge and lobby for change, in pursuit of a more ethical, united golf industry

What BGIA membership means

BGIA membership signifies professional competence and performance, which directly benefits those who choose to do business with member companies. Our admission criteria guarantees the professional status of members ensuring that industry standards are maintained.