Established in 1919, the British Golf Industry Association (BGIA) is the lead trade body representing UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services.

Based in Warwickshire, the BGIA operates as one of several trade associations under the auspices of the Federation of Sports & Play Associations (FSPA).

The Executive Board

The BGIA is managed by an Independent Chair and an Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of elected members, who meet regularly to develop the services of the Association. Meetings of the full membership including an AGM also take place throughout the year.

What BGIA membership means

BGIA membership signifies professional competence and performance, which directly benefits those who choose to do business with member companies. The strict admission criteria guarantees the professional and financial status of members and the Association Code of Practice commits members to maintain a high standard of business practice, ensuring that industry standards are maintained.

The BGIA offers a unique Golf Industry forum to work together to grow the game – Doug Wright, Global Commercial Director – Wilson Golf

Mission Statement

We represent our members by promoting participation and excellence across all areas of the sport of golf.

Positioning Statement

The BGIA represents UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services and provides a united voice for all members, large or small. We campaign for sustained growth in value and participation across the sport and supporting industry. The BGIA believes in ethical practice and promotes this standard within our market.


  • Deliver a comprehensive range of benefits and services to membership through campaigning, lobbying and presenting a united golf industry voice for all members.
  • Support and champion growth and participation in the sport of golf.
  • Promote a culture of ethical, fair practice across the industry.
  • Encourage the development and delivery of excellent quality, authentic goods and services.
  • Provide members, press and external audiences with valuable data and industry insight, supported by a considered BGIA opinion on what this means.

Supporting Values

  • Passion – we believe that our passion for the sport of golf, as well as the values that underpin it sit at the heart of everything we deliver as an association.
  • A united voice – we provide a common voice for all members, whether large or small, ensuring that everything we say is based on experience and one clear, industry message.
  • Ethical practice – we believe in fairness, authenticity and the delivery of excellence in all areas of the sport of golf.
  • Growth – we support and champion growth across all aspects of the sport of golf.
  • Benefit – we believe in the benefits that come from a successful industry and increased participation in the sport of golf.
  • Challenge – we’re prepared to challenge and lobby for change in pursuit of a united golf industry