Posted on Jul 27, 2020

Membership of the UK Golf Federation continues to grow since golf re-opened after the Covid closedown. Now with over 700 members it represents a major sector of the golf course owners and operators.

The UK Golf Federation are playing a big part in increasing participation through their user-friendly golf courses and driving ranges, the easy accessibility is breaking down the barriers and showing that golf is available to all, says BGIA Chair,  Martin Wild.

There are many reasons to join! 13 in fact with most being completely free and all valuable in running a golf facility profitably. Membership covers the wide and varied sector of the proprietary golf market – from driving ranges, short game courses, resort hotel golf facilities to major multi-site operators and not forgetting adventure golf.

Colin Mayes President and CEO of multi-site operators BGL believes “our membership has been growing naturally through our benefits of membership programme; however, we started our planned summer recruitment campaign in early July which has been a huge success.

“We have a target to get our membership numbers over 800 by the end of August and are clearly on plan the achieve this. The value of membership changes now as we can really represent our sector of the golf industry through networking opportunities and sharing best practice. This can only be good for the industry and will help golf facility owners and operators have a voice in expressing their vision for the game with the game’s key stakeholders”

Doug Poole – CEO of the UK Golf Federation – commented: “We now have membership across the UK and Ireland, and it is therefore even more important our members have representation for their businesses with all the major sectors of the golfing market. Whilst our key message is to grow golf participation through our open access to golf facilities, there is far more to membership. Golf could well face new challenges as we move out of the closedown period and we will be supporting our area of the industry with new ideas, up to date information and commercial opportunities.”

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