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As a member, you get FREE access to three levels of benefits and services. With no set-up costs and huge ongoing savings for you, your business and your staff, register now for FREE membership access to our complete benefits package

Benefits for your business
Big savings on business offers including insurance, vehicle hire, fuel, finance & HR support.

Benefits for you and your staff:
Lifestyle Savings module: Maximise spending power with thousands of offers from top brands (typically yields an average saving of £900 per annum per person).

B2C Learning module: Over 92% of courses are FREE to members.

B2C Wellbeing module: FREE personalised wellbeing plans to empower users to proactively manage their mental and physical health.

Benefits for your staff: Added value staff modules

You can also offer each of your employees annual savings worth over £1k by giving them access to all three B2C modules via the staff portal.

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