What is the Grow Golf Fund?

The Grow Golf Fund was set up in April 2007, when four giants of the golf industry joined forces in an unprecedented move to help grow the game of golf.

Under the umbrella of the BGIA, the Grow Golf initiative was launched to stimulate golf participation across all age groups, geographic regions and social backgrounds in the UK.

The ‘Grow Golf’ campaign was kick started with a ‘seed fund’ from the four founding partners in excess of £50,000. Initially, organisations such as The Golf Foundation, England Golf Partnership and other regional or local initiatives from schools, clubs and associations, submitted innovative proposals to be considered for funding.

How is the initiative funded?

Fund contributions are based on a percentage of UK turnover for each partner company. It is hoped that more BGIA members will participate so that Grow Golf becomes an industry-wide initiative and a major contributor to the future growth of the game.

Any BGIA member is welcome to join the fund by committing to pay a contribution that is based on their annual turnover.

Contributors to the fund have the right to use the ‘Grow Golf’ logo on their letterheads, advertising material and packaging to highlight their commitment to ‘giving back’ to the game.

How does Funding work?

A Fund Committee has been established to make decisions on which initiatives should be supported and benefit from funding. National projects are preferred as they reach a larger target audience. The only proviso is that any projects or initiatives should have the purpose of growing participation in golf in the UK.